By Cora Brent


4/5 STARS!!

“Cross”, Gentry Boys #5.5, a novella that gives an insight on what happened between Stone, Conway and Erin from “Hold”. The story shows the strong relationship between the brothers, that is also along the same lines as Creed, Chase and Cord. In the background, you also find out the truth of “Gentry secrets” that are unveiled to Conway, but he keeps the truth hidden to avoid hurting others. You also get to see more inside Erin than what was portrayed in “Hold”. More secrets are revealed from her past that are shared with her father. But kept from her sisters.
If you’ve read “Hold”, then you know how Stone, Conway and Erin’s fate is decided. I’m hoping in the following books, that Stone and Conway can find the strong connection they have again, and heal from the tragedy that broke them apart. And that somehow Conway will further understand Erin and her last days.


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