Mister O

By Lauren Blakely


4/5 Stars!
I was anticipating this book after reading “Big Rock”. I love that they are from a man’s point of view! It also helps that the men are witty and sarcastic! We were introduced to the main characters in “Big Rock”, Harper Holiday and Nick Hammer. Harper is a smart, attractive and knows how to rescue a friend from overzealous fans by using her magician skills. Nick is an attractive cartoonist with a witty and dirty sense of humor. He created “Mister Orgasm” that started small and is now a popular late night animated comedy show.
Oh and the catch to all of this, is that Harper is Spencer’s younger sister and Nick is Spencer’s best friend. You’re not supposed to fall for your best friend’s kid sister.
With Spencer and his fiancee, Charlotte, getting married only weeks away, Harper asks Nick to help her in the dating department. She can perform magic tricks in front of kids and adult, but actually talking to a man outside of that is not able to be done coherently.
Nick takes this opportunity to spend more time with Harper and also give her the basics on how to act and talk to a guy she may be interested in.
Each scenario that is played out is funny, mainly because it’s from a male POV, which I love! I can’t wait to read more when the next book, “Well Hung” is released!


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