By Cora Brent


4/5 Stars!!

“Walk” continues where “Hold” and “Cross” leave off. Stone Gentry is released from his 4 year prison sentence from what was considered reckless driving that killed a young girl, Erin, that was a passenger in the vehicle.

Stone had nothing but time on his hands and had to grow up overnight. Besides the favorable pass times of jail, weight lifting and reading, Stone concentrated on writing over 200 letters to this brother, Conway, and keeping his head down so that he can be released on time. Deck and Chase found him a job and place to live when he got out. Stone then worked to stay on the right side of the law. Driving himself to do better.

The day that Stone was released, he stopped at a diner that was on the way to Tempe and away from Emblem. There he saw a beautiful girl sitting alone at a table with 2 pieces of chocolate cake. That is where he remembers her from.

Evie remembers Stone as the man who helped her with the garbage bin and her bag of empty liquor bottles from a friend’s bachelorette party. Different from her friends due to events in her past. Evie is not what Stone’s roommate considers a “Table Tot” life those she hangs around with.

They meet again at the wedding reception of her friend. Evie is a bridesmaid looking to escape briefly and Stone works for the party supply company and is killing time until the party is over and they can dismantle the tables and chairs.

From there, Evie takes the chance on calling on Stone again at his apartment that is next door to her now married friend. They hit it off from there finding out that they are kindred spirits with both having a brother that wants nothing to do with each of them.

I loved this book with how that characters have the best chemistry. Understanding each other nobody else would and allows each of them the comfort they need to learn to heal and possibly let go.

I ‘m excited to read “Edge” that comes out later this summer, and to see if Conway can come back to the person he once was and remove the “uncaring” persona that he has throughout this book.


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