June daily topic for discussion

What is your most meaningful vacation memory?


My favorite vacation memory is when I was younger and went to Ocean Shores with family friends. It was me, their son and 2 daughters, the youngest was still in a baby, so I was at least 7 years old. Parents were there too. But when you’re a kid, do you really pay attention to what the adults are doing? But what I remember most is playing in the sand and running on the beach in the water. I don’t remember the water being cold then, like I do now. It’s the Pacific Ocean and it’s freezing cold water! I was with friends that I’d know their entire lives (since I’m the oldest) and we were having fun. We also got to ride on 3 wheel RTV’s. I could only ride in 1 gear. I couldn’t change gears for the life of me. I got stuck going up a hill and I’m very glad it didn’t tip over. But it was fun. I think my friend still has the 3 wheeler’s in his garage now. His dad kept them all this time.

I’ve been to the Ocean since, here in Washington state, but also in Oregon, California and a brief stop in Jacksonville, Florida. And by brief, I mean we stopped to go for dinner. The ocean was there, we walked out and walked back in. No time really spent there to absorb the moment. But, I loved the ocean in Florida. Just thinking that, just on the other side of that ocean was the UK and Ireland. And the fact that the water was warm!

I would love to go back someday. Maybe finally own a tiny piece of property to go to on the weekends in the summer. It doesn’t have to have a house on it. Just enough space for me to either put up a tent or get a small trailer to tow for sleeping.

It’s peaceful and relaxing to enjoy now and I hope that my daughter can have some memories of her own if and when we go there again.


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