Easy Kisses

By Kristen Proby


5 STARS!!!!
I loved this book! To be honest, I love all of Kristen Proby’s books! But this series has really gotten me! I loved the characters that she has put together. Not only from the family bond point of view, but also the “family” created by life long friends.
I love the setting done in New Orleans, LA. (I’ve never been, but it is on my bucket list to visit someday!) But also for this book taking place in Montana and bringing them both to life so to imagine that you are really there.
I love the life that the authors gives to the characters. Simon, with his British endearments, and Charly with her southern sass. But also the angst that comes along with a great story. Conflicted hearts and their irrational actions. And also when women rally around the heartbroken and mix it with wine and alcohol! Those are always the funniest!
Yes, the book has a HEA. But to get there is the best ride ever!


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