Cream of the Crop

By Alice Clayton



I received this as an Advanced Reading copy for an honest review.

I love Alice Clayton and was very excited to get the chance to read one of her books before it was released. And I have to honestly admit that I was not disappointed! I loved this story! City girl meets country man.

Natalie is awesome all around. But it was great to see a vulnerable side to her for her appearance. She’s not a thin model type. She has curves and she has learned to use them to her advantage! Letting the opposite sex know that she is confident in her appearance and she doesn’t need their approval!

Now with this confidence, also comes a time when someone has snapped it and you are blindsided. Oscar the dairy farmer does just that! He his handsome, if not drop dead gorgeous! As we find out in the book, he was a former football player, which explains his physique. But he also loves what he does on the dairy farm. He’s happy with his life on the farm in the Hudson valley. Small town life, waking up with the cows and making cheese.

Brie, which is Natalie’s favorite by Bailey Falls Creamery.

The chemistry is off the charts for these two. But once they are put into each other’s lives outside of the bubble, it falls apart. Learning that you can have your cake and eat it too, in Natalie’s case, is more of a come to terms of leaving “her island”.

This is a HEA and it left me wanting to read more! I’m chomping at the bit waiting for more from the Hudson Valley series!


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