Edge (Gentry Boys book 7)

By Cora Brent


I received this book as an Advanced Reader Copy.

I love the Gentry Boys series by Cora Brent! This book is no different and brings all the same angst and realizations that all of the boys have gone through.

Conway Gentry has been living in the shadows for the last 6 years. He has made a reputation for himself that can be both good and bad. Good when it comes to his dealing in street racing and gamblings. Bad when it comes to his family.

After being taken in by his cousins after the tragic accident in Emblem 6 years before, he runs into someone that he thought would never see again. Roslyn “Roe” Tory.

Roslyn Tory is the best friend of Erin, the love of Conway’s life, that was taken away too soon. After the accident, her life changed. Plans changed. Instead of going to ASU as planned, she attended University of North Carolina. After graduation, nothing pulled her to stay there, even the man she had been dating for the last years in college. Returning to Phoenix to work in social work for displaced families in the area.

On a Friday night of going out with her roommate to cheer her up after a breakup of sorts. She runs into Conway. Instant recognition for both. But with the recognition, comes the connection that they both share. Not just in Erin.

This was good book to see how the lives of the Gentry’s have evolved from rough boys from Emblem trying to make it on their own and living down the “Gentry” name. I hope to see more from this series!



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