Show Me How: A Thatch Novel

By Molly McAdams


The Thatch series kills me every time! Keep a box of Kleenex and whatever comforts you while reading this story!


I LOVE this book! The story line is wonderful! I can somewhat identify with the main character, Charlie (I like to be behind the scenes and never the center of attention!) Her goal after coming home from graduation college and finally able to get her life in order to get custody of her son, Keith.

The story line is awesome. Shy girl comes home, adjusting to life after college. Charlie has to move past her insecurities. As small towns go, everybody know everybody. While working at the local diner, Mama’s, she forgets her on a table after a break. She later finds that it was found, but a notes has been left. The notes go back and forth. Just starting small and then continuing to message via cell phone.

During this time, Charlie is also dealing with Deacon Carver. One of the guys that she has grown up with due to her brother Jagger, best friends with Ben, that was engaged to Grey, who is the little sister to Graham LaRue, and who is best friends with Knox and Deacon.

Charlie never really stood out to them, but when the secret came out about who Keith’s father was, Deacon believed Charlie to be at fault at betraying a close friend.

Seeing the story unravel from loathing hate to really seeing somebody for the first time. Not just the “little sister”.

It also seems like opposites attract in this story as “shy, sweet Charlie” and the man-whore Deacon find each other.

I really wish that this series could continue.
But onto more Molly McAdams books.
And crying. Why does she make us cry?!


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