The Angel’s Share (The Bourbon King’s book 2)

By JR Ward




The Bourbon Kings series will suck you into their world so fast you won’t know what or where the time went.

I love this series and this is only the 2nd book!

The story continues from book 1, “The Bourbon Kings” which involved the Bradford/Baldwine family and those around them.

Lizzie King is a horticulturist for Easterly estate. Home of the original Bradford family and then Baldwine after Lil’ V.E. married William Baldwine. They had 4 children; Edward, Maxwell, Jonathan Tulane “Lane” and Virginia Elizabeth “Gin”. Due to their childhood past, the boys have scattered to stay away from Easterly. Gin is the only child still living at the estate, living a single life while her teenage daughter is away at prep school.

This book continues as evidence is found that may change the outcome of someone’s death. And with that more secrets are revealed. With all that is being thrown at Lane, he is determined to keep BBC working and his family from falling more apart than it already has.

This story is full of deceit to the highest level. Lies, infidelity, embezzlement, gambling and then death.

Lane is determined to keep the Bradford Bourbon Company from drowning in debt and keep the drink flowing.


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