Sports Romance

The Goal (Off-Campus #4)

By Elle Kennedy



5 Stars!
The Off-Campus series is a great series for any hockey fan or anyone that likes college based story lines. I fell in love with this series with book #1, The Deal. I was hooked from there and have read them all.

No spoilers, but this story takes place the same time as The Score. This is Tucker’s story, but like The Score, you’ll get Tucker’s thought’s on Dean.

We’ve all heard Dean’s opinion on Sabrina James. I loved this story because it showed us through Tucker’s amazing way that she is the exact opposite of Dean’s opinion. Tucker breaks down her walls and shows her that she can have a friend and be loved.

Tucker is the most amazing character and if we could create a man just like him (and I know we all wish that for a lot of fictional characters!) I will be first in line! His mama raised him right. Old-fashioned values and manners.

A definite must read of all the books, but I would read the others as well. Elle Kennedy has a way with words that will have you laughing while you read (really, I had to explain why I burst out laughing to a friend)!


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