Beard Science

By Penny Reid



I received this book as an Advanced Reading Copy.

I LOVE Cletus! I was excitedly waiting for this book because I wanted to see how this character conducted himself with others outside of the Winston family. Penny Reid did not disappoint with him at all!

If you have read the other Winston brothers books (Duane and Jethro) then you will have read Cletus’s matter of frankness. What I loved about this book, was reading what he thought before he spoke. His mind is pure genius!

Cletus thinks that he has met his match when Shelley Sullivan moved to Green Valley and comes to work at the auto shop. Their personalities are very similar so they have no problem understanding and working with each other. But, like does not always need to be with like.

Jennifer Sylvester dubbed “The Banana Cake Queen” due to her prize winning cake, has an inkling that she wants some sort of change. When she has to visit the sheriff to videotape his testimony for her cupcakes for Donner Bakery, she gets more than she bargained for. Proof of Cletus’ actions of misdirection.

I love Jennifer, she’s a people watcher. So she has seen Cletus and his quiet unsuspecting behavior and can see it for what it truly is. A master at misdirecting others from the truth of what he’s doing or wants to do.

In this, Cletus has met his match. Jennifer uses the leverage that she has to have Cletus help her “come out” of her sheltered life. Not having been acquainted with each other before, this gives the perfect opportunity for them to discover and learn from one another. Jennifer growing into the beautiful woman she is and can be and watching Cletus learning of dealing with situations other than leverage/blackmail.


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