Fractures In Ink

By Helena Hunting



I loved this series! I LOVE all of Helena Hunting’s books, but this series really gets you! You’ll want to have a tissue box handy, this will make you cry…and angry at the same time.

Fractures in Ink is from the “Clipped Wings” series that started out with Hayden and Tensley. Other books have been written, Between the Cracks, Cupcakes and Ink and Cracks in the Armor as novella’s that show more of the behind the scene’s character’s such as Chris and Sarah.

You’ve read about their character’s and how they are intertwined in the stories of Hayden and Tensley. But this book is about just Chris and Sarah and watching their relationship go through one miscommunication after another. You feel for the characters and want to yell at them to get their head on straight and go with a happy ending.

Life isn’t like that (And if it is? Let me know where to find that world!) and throws in a curve ball that shakes up Sarah so bad that she is at a complete loss. Going from one bad waitress job to another she falls in to the pits of despair when she doesn’t want to bother Chris with her problems when she thinks he has enough of his own and makes a deal with her boss, club owner of The Sanctuary. It’s like making a deal with the devil and collection for your soul is when he calls for it.

Yes, I am one of those that jumps to the end so I will have some idea of where the story is going. It guts me when it gets really intense and I need something so I don’t throw my Kindle. And yes, I’m like Harry (from When Harry Met Sally) that if I die tomorrow, at least I’ll know how the story ended.

I can not recommend enough of this book and the many other’s from Helena Hunting. You will book binge and it will be worth it!


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