Sports Romance

Trying Sophie: A Dublin Rugby Romance

By Rebecca Norinne


I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.

5 STARS! I LOVED IT! The author, Rebecca Norinne, has a way with writing that I will be a fan for life!

This book kept my attention from start to finish! Besides that fact that it has all my favorite names (Declan and Moira).

The books starts with Sophie as a young girl living in Ireland with her Grandparents while her Mother deals with the divorce from her Father in New York. Her Grandparents own the local pub and their home is right upstairs above it. And then there is the popular boy, Declan that loves to torment Sophie any chance he gets. Her hair, how her clothes smell of pub food that have wafted up into the hall closet, and how she looks when she wears glasses. Not knowing, that what the boy is really doing is trying to get  Sophie’s attention, because he likes her.

Flash forward to where Sophie is a travel blogger and Declan has become the town rugby hero.

From out of the blue, her mother calls to see if she will go to Ireland to help her Grandparents while her Grandfather recuperates from a heart attack. That happened a few months back and her mother is just now telling Sophie of the event. Angry, she can’t let her Grandparents down, so she rearranges her life to go to Ireland and help.

Declan has lived the life of a rugby star. Player for both Dublin and Ireland teams, his life consists of rugby and women. He has his rules. He still comes home to watch over his Mom and sister. And also to visit with Sophie’s Grandfather since his own dad passed away when he was 18 years old. Over the years he’s kept tabs on Sophie through her Grandparents. And when she comes back, it matchmaking wheels have begun to spin in getting those two together.

I love these characters. Sophie’s quick wit and humor had me laughing out loud. After I finished this book, I quickly got another of Rebecca Norinne’s books, Lucky Star. The character’s, Cameron and Sarah, are mentioned in Trying Sophie as well. I love that book as well! I’m hoping that Rebecca will continue with a series on other characters from both Trying Sophie and Lucky Star! I have complete faith that we would not be disappointed at all!



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