Paranormal Romace

Blood Vow: Black Dagger Legacy By J.R. Ward


5 STARS! I love this series by J.R. Ward! Starting with the Black Dagger Brotherhood and then continuing with Black Dagger Legacy. The action along with the love of the Brotherhood and the trainees and the women they become bonded to.

This book follows both Rhage and his shellan Mary with the adoption of Bitty (Lizabette) and trainee Axe and Peyton’s cousin, Elise.

Axe meets when she goes to meet Peyton at The Cigar Club after a run-in with her father. Instant attraction for both to the point that all thought is lost. Axe, and his own self loathing, gets the usual “stay away” lecture from Peyton. But when Elise’s father is looking for a bodyguard to allow her to continue going out into the human world. Axe fits the bill to a “T”. And from there, the attraction between Axe and Elise blossoms to learn of both their worlds.

For Rhage and Mary, their worst nightmare has come true. Someone has answered the message regarding Bitty long lost uncle. He has found where his niece is and traveled to Caldwell to take her home and raise her. They endure a trial of faith, while the uncle is vetted and Bitty gets the chance to meet him.

Lassiter is Bitty’s best friend in this book, to the point he goes with her to comfort her by being a shiny golden light on her shoulder when she meet’s her uncle. She also had to endure the correction of her arms and legs for her future transition. Due to the beating and broken bones, caused by her sire, and lack of medical attention to the injuries at the time. The bones did not heal right and Havers had to rebreak the bones to reset them to avoid further major injuries when she hits her transition. With these injuries, he tells Rhage, who can’t see very well because the Beast made an appearance during the last bone reset for Bitty. “Have Faith. It’ll all work out” Leaving Rhage confused.

It’s a great book to read during anytime of the year, but this is based in the colder months during Fall. Mary has set up a Christmas Tree in the Library for the humans in the house.

A definite MUST read for this series.



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