New MUST Reads

Sweet Cheeks By K. Bromberg



I loved this book! I’ve read the other books by K. Bromberg (The Driven series) and really liked this one as well. Her style of writing really gets to me to where I can’t put the book down long enough to even go to bed at night!

The main characters have that great chemistry that you just want to read more to see what happens. Saylor Rodgers and Hayes Whitley are it.

Saylor was in a six year long term relationship and on the verge of marriage, before calling it off and walking away. She has since opened up her cupcakery, Sweet Cheeks, and is working herself ragged to make a go of the business. Out of the blue, she gets a wedding invitation to her ex-fiance’s upcoming nuptials. And out of shock of seeing her handy work on the invitation, she numbly fills out the RSVP card, puts it in its envelope where it is then mailed out by accident. Saylor is caught when her brother finds the invitation and they decide that going to wedding would be the best thing for the business.

Hayes is a A-list actor in Hollywood that left his hometown and high shcool girlfriend ten years before. Now he’s being called back in for a huge IOU from his best friend and Saylor’s brother, Ryder.

It’s fun to read how Saylor and Hayes see each other and react after ten years of not seeing or speaking to each other. Emotions run high and words are said in haste. And it’s good to see what one man can bring out in a woman where another had buried her spirit.

Definitely a must read! I’m looking forward to the follow up, Sweet Rivalry!





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