The Sapphire Affair By Lauren Blakely



5 STARS! I loved the chemistry between Jake Harlowe and Steph Anderson. It was electric from the get go. I really liked this story line as it is a mystery with trying to find the stolen money and the dance between the main characters.
Jake Harlowe is former military turned “recovery specialist” to pay the bills for his siblings college costs. His current case is to locate the embezzled money from a hedge fund company.
Steph Anderson is a tour guide for the Caribbean islands with snorkeling, swimming with turtles and dive tours. Her mother is recently divorced from her stepfather who has moved to the Cayman Islands with his new fiancee. And possibly with $10 million dollars that may have been embezzled from his hedge fund company. After she finds out this news from her mother, she heads down to the islands ahead of schedule to see her stepfather and find out what she can about the missing money.
The first night on the island, Jake and Steph meet at a local bar. Steph is to see friends and Jake is getting the lay of the land. From that moment, neither of them know that they are there for the same reason. Following the clues that Steph has left for Jake, they meet for a date and it is then that the truth unfolds. From there, they team up to find the money.
**SPOILER ALERT**The book ends on a cliffhanger.
While working to find the missing money. Jake and Steph try very hard to resist the attraction between the two. After a boat party with Steph’s friends, and jealousy on Steph’s part, they give in to temptation. But the next day, while getting ready, Steph notices that the hotel safe in her room is open and the diamond that her stepfather had given her is gone.
Did Jake take it or was it taken by somebody else?
And where is the money or what has it changed into?
On to reading The Sapphire Heist (Jewel novel #2) to find out what has happended!


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