The Ties That Bind By Rebecca Norinne



4 1/2 STARS!

This is a short novella about the movie from the book “Lucky Star:, also by Rebecca Norrine, where Cameron Scott played the character Xander St. John. It tells of a love story like Romeo & Juliet. Two lovers that are supposed to be sworn enemies but can’t help but love each other despite everything that is against them.

Told from Xander’s POV, showing a hitman with a heart when it comes to his one true love. He finds that he will need to remove his brother from the head of the family business to save Arabella from being killed. Once they finally meet after years of no contact, and finding that their feelings have never left, they devise a plan for killing Jayce St. John.

With calculation and trust on both sides, they form a plan and with the help of his best friend, Ben and Aleksei (another hitman in love with Arabella’s cousin Cee-Cee). FInding out more information about the companies financial situation, it gives Xander more of an idea on how far off the deep end his brother has gone.

This is a great story of long lost love and revenge that ends with a HEA.


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