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Pucked Off By Helena Hunting




What can I say? I LOVE this series! I love this group of friends that started with Alex & Violet, Buck (Miller) & Sunny, Randy & Lily, and now Lance & Poppy. I can’t wait to see if there will be a book about Darren & Charlene. We must find out about the “relationship” LOL!

Lance is my new favorite! Hands down! Randy has been bumped down to #2. It must be something with guys showing their vulnerability that gets me. Oh! And Lance’s accent that gets slipped in every now and again.

Poppy is wonderful! She fits right in with the group. Which, after reading for a while, I realized that all the ladies, with the exception of Charlene, are named after flowers. Violet, Lily, Sunny Sunshine could be Sunflower and now Poppy.

The chemistry between these two characters is the best that I’ve read in a long time. For somebody that doesn’t liked to be touched, and Poppy is a massage therapist that has the “magical” touch for him.

This is a stand alone novel, Poppy has come up in past books that told of how she knew Lance. But with his “partying” days, he’s lost a block of time. We found out that Lance was her first kiss. We get the full story on how that event took place and what it meant for Poppy and how it can help Lance now.





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