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Blush for Me: A Fusion Novel (Fusion Series #3) by Kristen Proby



I received this as an Advanced Reviewing Copy for an honest review.

I was excited for this book because, as shown in the previous 2 books, Kat is a no non-sense woman. So for her to find a guy that can match her is a genius. The book starts out with Kat meeting her “sexcation” guy named Mac, on a flight down to Napa Valley for a week at a wine tasting convention. Kat doesn’t fly. Ever. So he helps her through the flight and then she is surprised to find that he is at the same convention.

Chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS! They both intrigue each other to where they spend the whole week together. From the beginning, they both said that this is just for the week. “What we do in Napa Valley, stays in Napa Valley” mind set. Then comes the end of the week and they both don’t want to say good bye, but they remind themselves of their oath.

Kat doesn’t ask Mac anything about his life, not even his last name. He is truly the “sexcation” guy to her. And when he shows up with a wine tasting group two weeks after the convention, she is surprised to see him.

True to form, Kat doesn’t take orders from anyone. Not even Mac. His first attempt to see her again failed, due to his approach. He tries again with a bottle of wine and basically hangs out at the bar the entire evening so she can go to a place that he has set up for a romantic date.

I definitely like that the tie in for “Easy Magic” for the book that Kat is reading when she can’t sleep after seeing Mac again at the restaurant.


“I’m not some damsel that needs to be rescued from the storm. I am the goddamn storm.”


What I also enjoy about this book, and other books by Kristen Proby, is that it’s not just a simple love story. There is an added back story to add drama that makes it more exciting. Although, some of the stories drama is short lived, it’s a always good to have to keep reader’s on their toes. Which is always appreciated!

I highly recommend this book and previous books by Kristen Proby. You may get hooked just as I have when I started reading her “With Me in Seattle” series and have anticipated every book by her since!


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