Romance · suspense

The Sugar Bowl Series by Sawyer Bennett

As always, and a little OCD on my part, I have the need to read series from the beginning. I got the chance to read an ARC of Sugar Free for an honest review, and I had to start at the beginning of this wonderful series!

5 STARS for the ENTIRE series!

Sugar Daddy


This is a very intense series with a strong topic such as individual rape and gang rape. What I liked about this is the way the author showed the anger, pain, and anguish the victims went through to survive that kind of ordeal.

Revenge. This story all started out with that in mind. Sela Halstead saw a piece on an entertainment channel for the latest dating website for wealthy older men and young women, called The Sugar Bowl. Created by two childhood friends, Jonathon “JT” Townsend and Beck North. During this, Sela sees something that she hasn’t seen for 10 years. A tattoo of a Phoenix on the lower abdomen of one of the owners, JT. After recovering from the horrific memories that flooded her mind, she researched more about this man. To be able to identify 1 of 3 attackers that gang raped her on her 16th birthday.

Sela transforms herself to be unrecognizable if JT were to see her again and she sets her plan in motion to join The Sugar Bowl and meet him at a mixer and then lead him to his death.

Instead, she is declined by JT in way of her mannerism. He has a special type of woman that he likes, and “strong and confident” is not in the description. But this is where fate takes a turn and she meets Beck North.

Something about each of them is a strong attraction. From the first time they meet and chat to the hotel room that Beck takes her to and the supposed to be one night stand that was too happen.

From there the story unfolds of Sela’s new plan to act revenge on JT. And also play along with Beck as his attraction is so strong he can’t seem to let go of her. Just as time moves on, they both feel the comforts of each other and how there attraction only magnifies.

Beck has a sister, Caroline, and her daughter, Ally. Now when reading the parts where Ally talks to Beck…all I could see was “Uncle Buck”. And Beck North is no Uncle Buck.


Beck hates liars. With a passion. And when Sela finds a way to get access to Beck’s home office, she takes it only to get caught coming back from her “walk”. Beck knows that she’s lying and sets off the first signal that something is amiss. When he captures her in his office, that is the last straw. He automatically thinks the worst and hauls her out of the condo. Only to have Sela blurt out her own secret as an effort for Beck to understand what she was doing. But, Beck hates liars and that is all he can see Sela as now.

Love that cliffhanger of the first book! Immediately started Sugar Rush ASAP!


Sugar Rush


I couldn’t wait to read the 2nd book, Sugar Rush to find out what happens between Beck and Sela. Their plan on getting revenge on JT. Not the way Sela originally wanted, but enough to get closure for what she went through. Other characters come in, Beck’s parents, Sela’s father and help from a PI. All to bring the climax to this trilogy that will unfold in the 3rd book, Sugar Free.


Sugar Free


I loved this book! I was a bit thrown off when I started it though. Starting a book in middle of a scene isn’t my favorite way to start a book. But, it’s a great way to have readers get Sugar Daddy and Sugar Rush to get background on everything. Otherwise, I loved the storyline, the chemistry between Beck and Sela. Even the cliffhangers with the first 2 books. I’m a patient person, but so glad I didn’t have to wait to continue the story! These were the first books I’ve read by Sawyer Bennett, and I plan to read more!


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