Romance · Sports Romance

Good Boy (WAGS Series) By Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy



I don’t know what it is about sports rom-com’s, but I love these kinds of books. Maybe it’s because nobody can keep a serious side and somebody is always cracking a joke in one form or another! And I love them. They make reading books so much easier and fun! This book did not disappoint! AT ALL!

Blake Riley is a natural born hockey player and goofy guy. Which when you first meet him, can be the thing that turns you off. If you’re not into jocks with a weird sense of humor and language. But when Jess Canning first meets Blake, while taking care of her brother in Toronto when he comes down with pneumonia, the sparks fly and chemistry is right. But he is not what Jess is looking for in a man. And puts the one night of passion to her recent break up, her brother being sick and not being happy in her current career.

Jess Canning is still trying to find her niche in the world. She has changed careers so much that she feels like “the screw up” of the family. All of her friends have found their career paths that make them happy. Why can’t she? She’s gone to college, that her parents paid for. Her current career, party planner, isn’t as fulfilling as she thought it would be.

But planning your baby brother’s wedding and hoping nothing will get screwed up to show your family that you can be good at something is high maintenance stress. And it doesn’t help that the best man is a one night she’d like to forget, or at least keep the memory but no repeats are to ever happen! But Blake helps where nobody else could get anywhere with the groom’s family and makes the wedding that much more special for the happy couple.

Career change #54235…Jess decides to go to nursing school after taking care of her brother. Last minute call, she gets into a Toronto nursing school and drops everything to get their. And she is determined to not bail when things get tough like she has before.

And being in the same city as Blake should make things interesting. Especially since he lives in the same building as her brother and his husband, and Blake’s teammate, Ryan Wesley.

This book gives a good game of cat and mouse. Or a patient goofy cat that is sitting by while the mouse realizes that she really does like him.

Fake date for Blake at a family function. Helping Jess better connect with her “Hermione” like roommate, Violet, at the local bar. If you are from Canada, you know your hockey players! Jess begging Blake to taker her as his plus 1 to a charity event where Hozier is playing. Numerous things that they do together, that slowly brings them together as a couple. The physical chemistry has been there all along, it just needed the personal chemistry to catch up to the game.



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