Romance · Sports Romance · suspense

Hard Stick: A Breakaway Novel by L.P. Dover



I was given the opportunity to read this book for free for an honest review.

I loved this book! A great romantic/suspenseful story with a HEA (And it also involved sports which is always a plus with me) I really liked the author’s style of writing. Not wordy trying to drag out the word count. Just straight and to the point for an exciting story line that engages the reader. The story got me choked up multiple times while reading. There is a death early on, and even though you don’t read much about the character, it makes a big impact. Reading of Kristen and Kellan falling in love. And then when Kristen is abducted by her ex that she has been running from the beginning of the story. There are multiple twists in the book and I love that it keeps it interesting until the very end!

There are other characters that you also meet along the way. When I went to look up the author’s other title’s I found that they also had their own previous stories. I’m excited to read those as well!



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