Rom-Com · Romance

Full Package by Lauren Blakely


I am in love with this series. Even thought it has no official title. Maybe the erotic title series that started with The Big Rock, Mister O and Well Hung. With short novellas as The Hot One and The Sexy One. Maybe it’s a plus with the male bodies that are pictured on the book covers. That is definitely something to get your attention.

But what has drawn me to this series, as usual are the characters and how everything seems to intertwine. Everybody knows somebody.

For this story, Josie Hammer needs a roommate now that Natalie has moved out to live with her brother, Wyatt. She prefers a female roommate. But so far has gotten the crazies replying to her online roommate ad.

And Chase Summers needs a place to live since his sub-lease is about to run out. He’s been offered to live with his brother Max, who lives in an uptown apartment. But the hospital that Chase currently works in the ER is downtown and he wants to remain close for a short commute.

They both see their dilemma, and realize that they are the answer to each other’s problems.

“Promise me. From this day forward. Promise you’ll punch me if I ever own a crème brûlée torch, a rotating tie rack, or more than one kind of cheese grater. This is part of our roommate pact.”

They are the best of friends. They understand each other unlike anyone else. Whether it be joking, flirting or crying, they are always there for each other.

But what happens when all of that becomes more? Honesty. And with honesty comes the brutal truth. The saying “you can’t see the forest through the trees” comes to mind because they can’t see their attraction to each other. It only comes out when they are living practically on top of each other in a make shift 2 bedroom apartment.

Reading this, I wanted to find out how this would end, but also dreaded it as well. There had to be a rough patch. And there was, but it was mild. I will let you know it has a HEA. But, NO SPOILERS! You must read it to find out how everything falls in to place for The Full Package.


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