Royal Affair (A Royals in Exile Novel book 2) by Marquita Valentine


***I was allowed to read this book as an Advanced Reading Copy for an honest review.***


This book is the fairy tale for all the wallflowers out there that wish to get the hot guy! I can’t be happier that I got to read “Royal Affair”. I loved it! I had heard of the book “Royal Scandal” and it was on my to-be-read list, but I hadn’t read it yet. In a way I’m glad, because I read that first (due to my OCD of reading books in order) and immediately had to read “Royal Affair”. Only now I have to wait until later this year to read the next book to be released in the series!

Royal Affair has romance, deceptive intentions, heartache and a HEA.
Brooks Walker, the man that outed the Sinclair children from living secretly in the outskirts of Charlotte, NC from their exile of their island country, Isle of Man. Only to find out the reason is from a blog that Charlotte Sinclair had written under a psuedoname. From previous knowledge of being a hacker, he found out Charlotte real identity and researched from there. It was her blog entry that interested him and he then followed her other social media accounts to keep up with the wallflower that fascinated him. Unknown to him, that Charlotte was doing the same with his accounts. Although he had outed her family into the spotlight, for Charlotte, it was a physical attraction that lead to finding out about Brooks.

I loved the somewhat cat and mouse chase between Brooks and Charlotte. Even though everybody would have thought he would have gone for the queen, Imogen. Their are both alike in personality, but Brooks brings out the confident side in Charlotte. And Brooks is taken aback when Charlotte propositions his for an affair. Thinking that he can find out more information about the Sinclair family, he agrees. She’s smart, sophisticated, beautiful and can match wits (when not flustered) to keep the interest of a playboy.

I love the steady pace of the both books that kept me reading nonstop. A definite must read that will keep you wanting to continue to find out what happens for the next Sinclair sibling!


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