Romance · Second Chance Romance

Hickey by Cora Brent


***I was given the opportunity to read this ARC for an honest review***

4 1/2 STARS!

As you can see from my other reviews, I’m a huge fan of Cora Brent and couldn’t wait to read her latest book, “Hickey”.

I love 2nd chances stories. To see if the love the couple once shared can be rekindled and be stronger the next time around.


For Bran (Branson) Hickey and Cecily Barnett. That is what happened. They married young in a dying town. In Bran’s eyes, for Cecily to reach her potential, he thought it was best to let her go. She is an exceptional artist and has great talent to go far to reach her dreams. But the way that Bran went about letting her go is what will drive Cecily to keep them apart.

7 years later…

Bran entered the Army right after Cecily left Ohio.

Cecily ended up in Arizona thanks to her best friend, Antha. From there she decided to get her life in order. Deciding to go to school to make something of herself. The only issues, is that she hasn’t done any form of art since she split from Bran.

Working on her MBA at Central Arizona University, she’s trying to make ends meet by being the Resident Advisor for a Freshman dorm. Being 25 years old and living with 18 years old kids that are living on their own for the first time is like being the teacher of a kindergarten class.

It’s one of the first accidents to happen at the dorm that Cecily finally sees Bran Hickey again.


 For Cecily, seeing Bran brought back all of the hurt feelings and memories of her last days in Ohio. Just when she thought she was getting her life on track and working towards a goal. Bran comes back into her life and she’s not quite sure what to do about it. Avoid him or let him back in.

That is the dilemma that they both have. Bran wants Cecily back, but he knows what he did to hurt her and gives her space until she is ready to talk to him again. He has never stopped loving her. Has always kept tabs on her through friends he’s met from his military days. He has kept his distance since he moved to Arizona to find the right time to approach her and talk with her.

When they finally do see each other, Cecily keeps her walls up to avoid being hurt by Bran again. But the only thing that is holding up the walls are lies.


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