Romance · Sports Romance

For Finlay by J. Nathan


***I was given the opportunity to read this ARC for an honest review***


First, it’s a sports romance. Second, it’s football. Who wouldn’t love this kind of story? This story was AMAZING! J. Nathan is a new author for me and I was not disappointed one bit!

Finlay Thatcher is a girl trying to learn to live her life after her twin brother died unexpectedly on the football field. She had always lived in shadow’s as Cole’s sister. In their senior year of high school, she tried to make herself different and move away from the stigma of being the football quarterback’s sister. Not knowing that when he left for college would be the last time they would see or speak to each other.

2 years later, Finlay finally gets back to life by working as the “water girl” for the Alabama football team. No one knows who she is related to. But the star quarterback can’t figure out where he has seen her before.

Caden Brooks, Junior at Alabama has it all. Good looks, great arm and dating the president of the local sorority. But he can’t get Finlay out of his head. They’ve barely spoken to each since football started weeks before school starts. Except for the tidbits that Finlay tells Caden on how he can work on his timing and when to throw the ball. They have had run-in’s at the quad at school, in the gym and at the pool early in the morning when neither of them can sleep.

With these chances, Caden uses it to get to know Finley. Quizzes on football plays that turn into Psych 101 questions for the midterm in class that they share. For both, their are easy to be around and let your guard down each other.

Not wanting to be like his father, Caden breaks up with his sorority girlfriend while on the road. She doesn’t take it to well, actually she doesn’t believe it, and continues to act like nothing changed. But in her bitterness, she tells what she thinks will damage Finlay in Caden’s eyes.

Believing the lie, he doesn’t give Finlay the chance to explain. Breaking off what they had just started and turning the next weeks to silence between them. It’s not until the football coach, the one who was there when her brother died and also pushed Finlay to take the job with the football team to rebuild her life, took Caden to his office to find out what was going on between him and Finlay. It’s then that he realizes his mistake.

From there, Finlay must try and forgive Caden for his mistake about his assumption. But also to forgive herself for assumption for what she saw at her brother’s funeral years before.

I loved the chemistry between these characters. The cocky athlete and the sassy tomboy. My heart did go through the ringer while reading this. But was very happy that it does have an HEA.

I can’t wait for the next book, but will bide my time reading the author’s other books that have been released!


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