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The Hot Shot (The Game On Series) by Kristen Callihan



If you haven’t already read the first 3 books of this series, run-don’t walk to your e-reading device, Amazon or Barnes and Noble website and get these books!

I have read this series and another of Kristen Callihan’s, that both had me glued to my e-reader! The characters have so much sass that I just love. The chemistry between everybody is spot on and you will fall into their world.

The Hot Shot had me Laughing Out Loud early throughout the entire book. By chapter 5, I had to stifle my laugh as I was at work and didn’t want to let on that I was reading while working 😉

Chester “Chess” Copper is a professional photographer that has been called upon to do a charity calender with the local pro football players for New Orleans. Her assistant, James, is a huge fan and is dying (fangirling and all) and can’t wait until the first group of guys show for the first shoot. Lately, Chess has had a bad run with dating. Horror stories are a good way to describe it. She has a date later that night with a guy she can’t even remember his name. It’s not something she is looking forward to.

Finnegan Mannus, star quarterback and the pretty boy of the team, is not excited at all for this photo shoot. If he could get out of it, he would just walk away. But the New Orleans football PR team agreed to the calendar, and Finn is not one to go against the team. Finn hasn’t been himself lately. Feeling as if something is missing from his life.

Attraction at first sight, some don’t believe in it. But in this case, it can happen. The first that struck Chess about Finn was his blue eyes. For Finn, other than finding that Chester is a woman, it was her beauty, slender and tall with long straight black hair with colored tips.

Not wanting to be there, Finn rubs Chess the wrong way. For Chess, her attraction to Finn is throwing her off balance for the photo shoot.

Oh, btw, it’s a NUDE photo shoot for the calendar.

Chess has no problem taking photos with the other players, but to get Finn to relax and her to be able to remain professional, she talks with him. Asking him about the tattoo he has on his abdomen in the shape of the state of California with the Golden Gate bridge in the center inside the lines of the state. Roses for his 2 times of going to the Rosebowl with Stanford. He’s from La Jolla, CA with a shining diamond that he had added once he made it to the pro’s. His high school coach had said that he was a diamond in the rough and when he made it, he would be a nice shiny diamond.

With getting into Finn’s head about playing football, that got him to relax and Chess was able to get to know him and also great photo shots.

Not able to deny his attraction, Finn can’t stop thinking about Chess. Fate has a plan and when Finn is out with best friend and wide receiver Jake Ryan, they come  upon Chess while she is out on her date with the guy she can’t remember his name. Saving her from that date, Finn and Chess begin their “friendship” as he walks her home.

From there, they keep in contact via text and phone calls. Becoming closer as they learn about each other.

What brings them even closer is when Chess’s loft is a victim of a building fire and her home and work space is destroyed. Hearing about this on his way back from an away game, Finn rushes to find Chess at the ER (thanks to her neighbor Fred) to make sure that she is alright. From there he takes charge and requests that she stay with him for the foreseeable future.

With them is the same living space, it brings out the mutual attraction that they eventually can’t deny.

Yes, this book does have a HEA and I wouldn’t have survived the book if it didn’t. It has it’s ups and downs, but it is a ride that I would love to go on over and over again!





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