Tru Blue by Melissa Foster



I really liked this story. For me, Truman Gritt was a man that cared about his family. His brother, Quincy, being the one he took care of growing up. His mother on the other hand, had done nothing for him except birth him into the terrible world of drinking and drugs.

After spending his time in jail, keeping his nose clean to get out, to start over with the help of his “adoptive” family, the Whiskey’s. His salvation from his mother’s ugly life that she kept them in, Tru found a home and way of life with them working in Whiskey Automotive.

I love how this is a stand alone novel also help ties in the Whiskey brood to Melissa Foster’s world. And I love her world! I love the way she brings the characters to life in their towns.

Peaceful Harbor is one of the worlds that she has created.

Gemma Wright also found a home away from where she grew up in Peaceful Harbor. Growing up in a cold home of nannies and drivers up until her father took his life when his business world collapsed. Her parents were more concerned with appearances than being warm and loving towards their only child. Which is all Gemma always wanted. A loving family.

Finding Tru and his baby brother and sister at the store late at night. It tugged on her heart strings. Not able to have kids on her own, she could not help herself in getting what he would need for them.

From there, it became a trade of favors. Her help with him at the store with baby items and his help with her car that has had some damage.

Their worlds couldn’t have been more right for each other. The only thing that may stand in their way is their pride and learning to trust each other with their secrets.


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