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Cheater (Curious Liaisons Book 1) by Rachel Van Dyken



I was seeing a lot of posts about this book since it came out in February 2017. The little blurbs that would entice you to “one-click” it and start reading. I was just about to do that when I got my May 2017 shipment from Romance Reveal Book Box shipment with a signed copy! I was so excited! And it worked out perfectly having a paperback edition instead of reading on my Kindle app on my cell phone and my Kindle itself. Both were dead and needed to be charged.

This is the first book that I’ve read of RVD. And I was not disappointed AT ALL! I’ll be adding more of her books to my collection!

Lucas Thorn made one mistake and took it to another level. In a drunken state, he walked into the wrong room the night of his rehearsal for his wedding. Caught with his fiance’s sister, he labeled himself a cheater from that point on.

4 years later, Avery Black just lost her job after graduating college. Taking the first job available because she needs to pay the rent to avoid moving home to her parents house and working for the family company.

A paying internship for a company in downtown Seattle, she’s getting a very quick tour of her duties from the current VP assistant, who is beyond ready to go on maternity leave, that Avery doesn’t even consider her boss’s name. Until she hear’s his voice from the doorway to his office as she is getting files for the job.

From there it is a roller coaster of witty and sarcastic banter between the two. Her hate for him for what she did to her sister. Yes, she is the baby sister of his ex-fiance, Kayla Black. Avery is 10 years his junior, but Lucas can’t stop teasing her, like he did when both their families spoke to each other.

Growing up across the street from each other, their families are so intertwined it’s hilarious. Especially with “the mother’s” start to plot.

The one thing that his previous assistant eluded to was Lucas Thorn’s “calendar”. He has one for work and a personal calendar to keep track of his “days of the week”. He has a girl for each day. Except Sunday. That’s God’s day and all. And is left open for his sister.

Yes, he has a harem of girls that when one decides to quit (as how the book started), he can get a replacement by lunch that very same day.

Avery is a blast! Since she is has previous knowledge of how Lucas can be, she uses it to her advantage in her verbal attacks towards him. I couldn’t stop laughing!

Now, here’s the kicker…they both have  strong feelings for each other that neither one of them have ever spoken about. Being younger than him, Avery always saw it as a “crush” and nothing serious. Lucas couldn’t bring himself to admit that he had fallen for his ex-fiance’s kid sister.

After a night of drinking wine and pizza with their best friends (that were drawn to each other at the bar) Lucas takes drunk Avery home to his place to sleep it off. Sunday Morning…Avery wakes up to pancakes. She LOVES food and will always wake up or find it.

In comes the start of the “lie that never ends” It just keeps going and going. Getting bigger and bigger. Sunday’s are kept open for Lucas’s sister Erin. Who shows up at the most opportune moment and surprised to see Avery in Lucas’s apartment. Telling her that they have reconnected and are now dating. News of this spreads faster than a fire in a barn full of hay.

With the internship and the snowball of a lie that they need to figure out how to get out of, the banter between the two is like foreplay for them. Infuriating each other to the point of combustion that they just have to light the match and they’re on fire!

You will be laughing throughout this book! The interactions between the members of both families and their best friend, Austin and Thatch will wanting more of this story when it ends.

I highly recommend reading the follow up book, “Cheater’s Regret” about what happened between Austin and Thatch.


I am in love with this characters and wish that their could be more books about them.


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