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Review: Talk British to Me (Wherever You Go) by Robin Bielman


***I was given the opportunity to read this ARC for an honest review***


I’ll be honest, what drew me to this book was the possibility of a British character. Who can resist a British accent? But I wasn’t disappointed. I was glued to this book! I couldn’t put it down. I barely put it down enough to sleep. And then I was reliving the story line in my thoughts.

Talk British To Me, has all the key points that I love in a romance story.

  • The meet-cute between the two main characters. (I love it when the don’t know each other at all and they need to develop the feelings that they end up having for each other!)
  • The 2nd chance meeting.
  • The reasons why they can’t or shouldn’t see/get to know each other.
  • What seems to be fate bringing them together.
  • The crux of the situation that leads them to separating.
  • The realization that they can’t live without each other. Or Fate stepping in again.

Teague Watters, is a recent college graduate that is still looking for her “career”. She has a degree in Mathematics, and becoming a teacher didn’t work out as she hoped it would. She is now living in LA with her best friend, Harper. They met as roommates in college Freshman year and have been together ever since. Teague has decided that she wants to be a travel blogger (I’ve thought of this too…) and is taking online classes in doing just that. In the meantime, she is working at a coffee house to make ends meet. She want to make or break it on her own.

Matao Gallagher, the son of  Gabrielle Gallagher and former college soccer star for the UCLA Bruins. He coaches a Kids and Kicks, a soccer program for under privileged youth in LA. He is also the voice behind, Bennett, the British playboy “The Dating Guy” that gives tips on how to woo women. His morning radio show comes on at 8:00am and has his listeners mesmerized as he gives his tips for the day.

What brings this all together is the daily coffee fix that Teague takes up to Gabrielle Gallagher’s office. She is a wedding planner, the most sought after planner in all of California. Her assistant is nowhere to be found and Gabrielle needs to have some items picked up. The person to get this task is the first person she sees, Teague with the coffee drinks.

The angst that Teague couldn’t find out Matao’s alter ego and Matao had been warned off by his mother to stay away from Teague. But the attraction between the two couldn’t be avoided. They enjoyed spending time together. Matao taking Teague to locations in LA (since she grew up in Oregon) giving her something to write for her travel blog.

I highly recommend this book! This story is awesome and a great read! I’m looking into more stories by this author!


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